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Two-Thirds say Skills Training is Crucial to Post-COVID Business Recovery

Businesses investing in skills training are more confident in their recovery after the pandemic. Find out why training is crucial to business recovery in 2020.

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5 Ways Hybrid Working Will Change Everything

Covid-19 has strong-armed organisations into changing the way they operate, in order to retain productivity while also maintaining social distancing, the future of work for many will be ‘hybrid’.

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How to lead a team remotely

With remote working looking to be central to the new era of work after the lockdown lifts, here are a few simple ways that you can overcome critical challenges and continue to support your team from afar.

As more companies acknowledge the benefits of a more flexible workforce, more than two-fifths (44%) of organisations are planning to change their flexible working policies...

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3 in 20 UK Employers Face a Digital Skills Gap

The past few months have seen businesses start to depend on the digital capabilities of their teams more than ever before, but increased reliance on technology has also exposed a widening digital skills gap across the UK. As the economy starts up again, bridging the gap is going to become crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage.

A government report revealed that around 82% of all jobs in the UK list digital skills as a requirement...

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