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Helping you manage the new era of work

My Work Transition Toolkit

As the way we work changes at a rapid pace, the training in this package will help your workforce become more agile and adaptive.

  • Access online training anywhere
  • Give your teams the tools they need to manage change
  • Courses help to unify remote and in-office working
  • Training includes how-to guides, videos and quizzes

What courses are included?

NEW: Navigating the new era of work open close

20 minutes – This course will help workers prepare for the changes your organisation is making to adapt to the new era of work, including vital information on new skills, technologies and health and safety practices for the workplace.

NEW: How to lead a hybrid team open close

20 minutes – Many organisations are now adopting a ‘hybrid’ way of working – involving a combination of remote, semi-remote and entirely office-based employees, potentially working to different scheduled hours.

This course has been created to support managers and leaders understand the advantages and potential challenges of managing workers in a hybrid environment and provide some practical suggestions for ways in which they can develop an inclusive and productive working environment for all.

NEW: A managers guide to Microsoft Teams open close

20 minutes – In this course, we look at Microsoft Teams, one of the stand-out platforms that has been adopted by many organisations to help their teams collaborate digitally. We will share tips on how you can use the platform more effectively and also give real-world examples of how Hays has used Microsoft Teams to improve remote worker productivity and efficiency

Embracing change open close

20 minutes – This course will help your teams learn how to quickly and successfully embrace and adopt change. Learn techniques to channel change positively and break down how it will affect day-to-day tasks and responsibilities.

Quickly implementing change in your teams open close

20 minutes – This course will help managers and leaders manage their own response to change before briefing teams. It offers advice and techniques to help and integrate change into the new ‘normal’ while prioritising employee wellbeing and self-care.

Digital collaboration with Office 365 open close

3 hours – This detailed online course looks at the common features of Office 365 and how they can be used to support collaboration and communication remotely and in the workplace. It will teach your staff to monitor and collaborate on projects and tasks, share knowledge and content, and use social and communication tools efficiently.

Working from home - cyber security open close

10 minutes – With so many working remotely, the way you approach data security needs to change. This course will give examples of cyber security breaches that can occur when working remotely, look at ways to protect against phishing scams and help anyone remote working practise good ‘cyber-hygiene’.

Introduction to agile project management open close

3 minutes – This video helps your teams understand the concept of agile project management and improves their project management capability. Part of our project management series.

Dealing with project changes open close

3 minutes – It’s one of the main issues that crops up during a project, here’s how to deal with change requests and scope creep. Part of our project management series.

Project management toolkit open close

3 minutes – This video course offers a quick introduction to the main tools in a project manager’s toolbox, and how to get the most out of them. Part of our project management series.

Project management processes open close

3 minutes – This video explores the processes that project managers follow as well as looking at the ideal skills an effective project manager needs. Part of our project management series.

Communication skills open close

10 minutes – Good communication is vital in boosting productivity and efficiency as well increasing morale in your workforce. It’s even more important when your colleagues are remote working. This course covers different types of communication and looks at how technology can help keep everyone on the same page.

Presenting with Confidence open close

15 minutes – Do you want to deliver a confident presentation? This module will guide you through the different stages of making your presentation, from preparation and planning through to your delivery. Includes practical advice on how to draw the attention of your audience, inspire a sense of confidence and get your ideas across.

Health & safety introduction open close

15 minutes – A quick and comprehensive introduction to health and safety training. This course provides an overview of health and safety law and helps workers understand how to apply it in practice.

Remote health & safety open close

15 minutes – As workers incorporate working from home into their lives, the health and safety considerations of remote working need to be met. This course will help define remote working, identify who’s responsible for health & safety and suggest ways to reduce the risk of common hazards.