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Help your team manage their wellbeing at home or in the workplace

‘Be your best self’ – wellbeing training

Give your teams the tools they need to overcome stress and improve their mental health.

  • Access online training anywhere
  • Improve wellbeing, and put your employee’s mental health first
  • Courses help with both physical and mental wellbeing
  • Interactive training with videos, infographics and quizzes

What courses are included?

Supporting staff with their mental health open close

This course is for managers looking to ensure the wellbeing of their teams by helping them recognise signs of mental distress and teaching them what to do if someone needs extra support.

10 minutes managing stress open close

10 minutes – Video meetings, constant phone calls and a lack of visibility driving your team to breaking point? In just 10 minutes, this course will deliver practical stress-reducing tips and advice.

Wellbeing - the basics open close

60 minutes – Using a range of realistic examples, scenarios and challenges, this hour-long course is the perfect introduction to wellbeing. By the end of the course, trainees will be able to articulate why it’s important to build wellbeing strategies, reflect on the skills needed to look after wellbeing effectively and develop a wellbeing action plan. It’s perfect for anyone looking to develop their wellbeing awareness and management.

Morning yoga kickstart open close

7 days – 15 minutes – Enjoy a week of morning yoga classes designed to be done in just 15 minutes to improve range of motion, exercise the core and increase flexibility. Ideal for home workers.

Resilience module open close

15 minutes – In today’s fast-paced work, resilience is an important skill for all individuals as it relates to your ability to ‘bounce back’ and move on from challenging situations. This module will help you develop a better understanding of how to be resilient in the face of adversity, by bending instead of breaking under pressure.

Life balance open close

15 minutes – Help your staff improve their work-life balance with a case study, advice, tips and a range of interactive questions.

Mindset open close

18 minutes – Course that explores the different types of mindset and how to modify them, to make a positive impact on your worker’s lives.

Dealing with stress open close

15 minutes – This course looks at sources of stress and its behavioural and health indicators, before exploring ways in which staff can reduce stress levels.