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THRIVEDIVERSITY & INCLUSION AT WORK Training to build a more equal and inclusive workplace.

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Thrive is an online training platform available to all organisations, big or small, to help get their workforce prepared and give them the tools they need to thrive in the new world of work. Our free online training portal can help your team learn new skills.

  • Access anywhere – our online courses are available to complete wherever your team is working
  • Training where it’s needed most – our Learning Management System helps you assign training, track your team’s completions and create your own training programmes
  • Engaging content – training comprises of videos, quizzes and assessments – frequently updated for relevance
  • Build-your-own custom training packages with our premium training service

Sign your team up today and help them adapt to new ways of working, prioritise their wellbeing, learn vital health and safety tips and prepare for whatever the future holds.

My Work Transition Toolkit

The world of work requires an agile approach. The training in this package will help prepare managers and workers to thrive, whether in the workplace, working from home or a hybrid of the two.

‘Be your best self’ – wellbeing training

Workers and employers both are under incredible stress, and their wellbeing needs to be your top priority. Our wellbeing courses cover everything from yoga to stress management.

How to recruit in the new era

Finding talent today is a new challenge – one that employers must be prepared for. The courses in this package train your hiring managers to out-hire the competition by changing the way they approach recruitment.

Build your own training

Tell us your organisation’s challenges and staff training goals so we can build a custom bundle of 20 training courses from our library of over 100,000 training options.

Do you work for a school, academy or other educational institution? Check out more tailored training options with our Education Hub.